No More Negative Space

A selection of 56 drawings made between 2013 and 2015, originally exhibited at HHH Gallery in Tokyo.

The works concern a reductive, methodical approach to drawing; specifically cartoon characters, and the way those characters relate, inform and are informed by the spaces they inhabit, with a particular interest in philosophy, language, skateboarding, art, architecture and pop culture. Smith.jpg Homme et une Femme.jpg a Thin Line.jpg Work.jpg Is Not To Reason Why.jpg Nought Is One Powerful Mofo.jpg Pack.jpg Lewitt, 1965.jpg in the Rain.jpg to Street Hassle.jpg aux roulettes.jpg Minute Sculpture.jpg Way for Harold Lloyd.jpg More Gully.jpg Descending a Staircase.jpg Berlin.jpg More Negative Space.jpg Up Nor Down.jpg Here Nor There.jpg Civilisation.jpg Core.jpg Rail.jpg Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone.jpg Not Where Youre From Its Where Youre At.jpg Like a Piece of Sculpture for a Second and then Its Gone .jpg They Move Kill Em.jpg Restraint.jpg Rather Watch Gino Push.jpg to Steven.jpg Trick.jpg All the Fucked Up Children of the World.jpg Dutch.jpg Is Everywere.jpg Meeting.jpg Banks.jpg Trick.jpg for Nought.jpg cest mort.jpg